“Love returns always to a noble heart”
(Guido Guinizzelli)

Wedding videographer villa La Vedetta – Florence – K & R

Suspended on Florence, we follow the steps of Kathrine and
Rainer on the terrace of Villa La Vedetta .
In its last restoration, the Villa was opened as a 5-star Boutique hotel, but it kept the familiar atmosphere of a private residence with a refined, discreet privacy typical of the noble neo-Renaissance residences.
Filming the wedding of Rainer and Kathrine we feel surrounded of gentle and cosy atmosphere.
It wasn’t difficult to capture the particular emotion, the intensity and the richness of relationship between Kathrine and Rainer and their deep feelings with family and friends.
The moments of the day elapse harmoniously in the various corners of the Villa where today the
echoes of the Austrian tradition echo. Toast with grappa during the preparations and until sunset
when the look of the couple turns to Brunelleschi’s dome always against the background of this story.
Instead, in the foreground, the moved face of Rainer at Kathrine’s arrival and the intensity of their looks during the exchange of promises.
Many speeches dedicated to the couple mark the time of their history while the colors of the day
take over the evening lights and in the background of the night Rainer and Kathrine open
the dances on the notes of the “An der schönen blaunen Donau

Wedding Videographer: Whitesfilm
1 camera operator: Claudio Sichel
2 camera operator: Monica Enne


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