3 days celebration of P & P marriage at Hotel Aman. Luxury event in Venice filmed by Whitesfilm

Wedding videographer Venice Aman
Friday afternoon we ferry towards Rialto.
Venice gives every time different shades and moods. Thinking about the intense days ahead, we are full of
curiosity and enthusiasm. Friday afternoon we ferry towards Rialto.
When we arrive at hotel Aman there is great movement. The wedding planner Venice First 
welcomes us with a smile and impeccable professionalism.
In the garden Vincenzo Dascanio is at work with his staff , the scent of flowers is
intense, it seems to be at the flower market in Paris, but the view is on the Grand Canal and on Venetian
architecture. “Behind the scenes” are the dancers and the musical group of the company Nu’art
that will enliven the evenings of today and tomorrow.
Anna , the photographer, also arrives, we begin to set the objectives on some nice detail;
P&P stands in large letters generously decorated with thousands of white roses.
The sky is overcast, but tonight, in this Venetian corner, there is no room for the gray among the colors of the “floral
market” of Italian inspiration. Immersed in the vintage Italian 50s musical rhythm, guests enter in a strictly floral
dress code. A harmonious movement is created during the aperitif, dancers enter, Mediterranean delights are
tasted. Phoebe and Peter arrive, she is wearing a yellow and white floral dress.
At the top the glasses and the dances open, the Norwegian step moves nimbly in the Venetian night on the notes of
“Tu vuoi far l’americano”
Saturday morning it rains, but at the time of the preparations some ray of sunshine raises the humor of everyone.
On location the staff of Vincenzo Dascanio are decorating with white roses the main staircase that hovers
towards the hall of mirrors where the reception will be held. The set up is a work of art in to the frescoes that
surmount the walls. We are looking for a suitable corner to enhance the stationary with Anna who brought an
elegant scarf for the background. W split up to film the preparations.
Peter is in an elegant white suit. Feel the emotion during the boat trip to the Anglican Church of Venice, where the
ritual will be celebrated.
The entrance to the church is enhanced by an important arch of white roses, refined protagonists of today’s floral
arrangement. The church is cozy and very intimate.
The guests take their places, Peter is sitting next to his mother.

Phoebe crosses the entrance to her father’s arm. Its slim silhouette in the long train dress by Viktor & Rolf , advances slowly on the wedding carpet among the roses. Peter’s gaze lights up, his

emotion shines through. The celebration is composed but intense and felt, like the different moments of this event,
sumptuous and intimate at the same time.
Before returning to the Aman the spouses are given two stops for portraits in the Basilica of Santa Maria della
Salute and the splendid Palladian Church of San Giorgio Maggiore .
Meanwhile the guests are received by Eleonora of Venice First for the welcome cocktail.
Upon arrival of the couple, warmly welcomed, we move to the upper floor where everything is ready for entry into
the hall of mirrors, beautifully set with white orchids.
Enter the dancer from the Nu’art group, a living golden candelabrum, opening the way for spouses and astonished
guests at the sight of the hall. During dinner entertainment with dancers and speeches is particularly articulated.
The speeches ironically allude to the “modest” choices of the spouses with reference to the location where a certain
George Cloney got married.
Spouses and guests let themselves go to the night of dancing in the exotic pop room signed by Dascanio.
The day after the greeting of the spouses to the rich lunch at the Gritti Hotel

. The setting up of the tables takes up the theme of the first evening based on

lemons and aromatic plants. So, in the refined spaces of Gritti, we  and thank Phoebe and Peter who have let
us enter this important page of their life also reviewed in Vogue America.


Wedding videographer Venice Aman
Videographer: Whitesfilm
Camera operator 1 and 2  : Claudio & Monica
Wedding Planner: Venice First
Photographer: Bianco photography
Location: Aman Venice


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