Wedding in Ravello Villa Cimbrone Elopement in Amalfi coast of Heather & Joseph

In the Amalfi coast you don’t have to do anything to enjoy hours of
secret happiness. It is enough to be there, looking out over
the blue “as far as the eye can see” and
breathing. Then, if you are Wagner, you find inspiration to compose the second act of the Parsifal. Like him, several other notable artists have created extraordinary works.
We arrive in Ravello the day before the elopement.
From our accommodation, immersed in a lemon grove overlooking the sea
( https://www.ravellobebilimoni.it/ ),
about two hundred and forty steps and a path with other ups and
downs, separating us from Villa Cimbrone and from the center of the village.
So we immediately enter the rhythm of a place that doesn’t knows hurry and frenzy, whose beauty and originality is savored step by step.
In the evening we meet Elias, amazing and funny photographer from Greece, we exchange thoughts on tomorrow’s job.
Returning to the b&b we listen to the silence that comes from the sea, there is a strong feeling of being in an immortal place, on solid rocks, between unshakable walls, yet suspended between past, present and future.
The next morning we reach Chaterine & Roberta ( the WP) at Villa Cimbrone
Heather and Joseph are getting ready in the Greta Garbo’s room, ready to enjoy their intimate.
They take us with them in this timeless dimension,
from the balcony on the infinity to the most
ancient village of the Amalfi Coast. At sunset, their
voices, moved, resonate like an echo, within the walls of the ruins of the basilica of Sant’ Eustachio.
We follow them until the cut of the cake after the intimate dinner in Amalfi and we remember them while they dance suspended in that blue, between sea and sky.



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