Wedding Hotel Excelsior Venice – Get married on the beach

Wedding Hotel Excelsior Venice - Get married on the beach

The story of the day trough our eyes:
We ferry from Piazzale Roma to Lido. Today the sun is shining and the lagoon gives blue
reflections, the white of the Venetian palaces stands out. The look goes to the sea, the
background that Giada and Alberto have chosen as a metaphor for their union.
We arrive at Excelsior Hotel in Venice with a little advance, we
find Elisa and Elena of Venice First , the times are comfortable so we
do a ride to see the location spaces. In the Stucchi room, the floral arrangement of the wedding table by Centro Fiori
is in progress.
We reach Giada in her room, dressed in red, excited and full of energy, sitting by the window while
the hairdresser highlights her beautiful black curls. In the room there is movement, even the mother
of Giada and her bridesmaids are struggling with brushes and hair dryer.
The photographer and his assistant, are already at work doing some shots.
It is still early and we go down to have a look at the beach where we can see the beautiful scenario of the
ceremony. The pastel colors of the flowers, in shades of green, white and dark red, frame this
symbolic space that takes shape on the vastness of the beach and the sea. There is a very light
breeze that completes the picture and we follow the flight of a seagull that goes right in the direction
of the Giada room.
From that same perspective, an hour later, you can see the elegant silhouettes of the bridesmaids in
their blue dresses, the beautiful white dress moved by the air, hanging from the window and
even an intense and moved embrace between Giada, with the bouquet in hand, and his mother.
Alberto, barefoot, goes down the stairs and goes towards the beach. Soon after,
the vocal duo who will accompany all the significant moments of the event, intones the famous song
“Somewhere over the Rainbow” announcing the expected arrival of Giada.
The curious bathers approach to follow this particular rite, rich of symbols and emotions. Giada
and Alberto exchange their promises and confirm their union by joining the sand of their
ampoules in an amphora.
With the light of twilight, we take time for portraits on the beach while guests are served a cocktail
on the terrace entertained by the musical duo and dancers, who also interpret the engaging
performances during dinner.
The times today are comfortable and well thought out. We have the opportunity to calmly resume
Sala Stucchi and follow the arrival of the guests welcomed at the tableau by the wedding planners
and then by the big waiters brigade.
Giada and Alberto reach their guests, the reception is lively and full of surprises and the lights come
on more and more as you enter the musical evening.
The bride and groom have a special surprise for their guests on the stage of the dance party: the
“Teatro Pereyra” band from New York.
The performance of the singer and their musicians was just amazing and really they rocks!!
We leave the party around midnight by a taxi boat waiting for us on the dock of the hotel and on the
way to Piazzale Roma, with had the unique suggestion of the Venice by night reflected in the water.

Cinematographer 1: Claudio Sichel
Cinematographer 2: Monica Nistico

Planning: Venice First
Photography: Beniamino Gelain
Venue: Hotel Excelsior – Venice Lido



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