It is said that woman’s soul named Bianca, be trapped in the walls of the castle of Vincigliata to
protect all kinds of love ( https://dreamingsophiabook.com/legend-donna-bianca/ )
The Vincivialta’s castle has origins far in time. It remained a ruin
for long centuries until a young English lord fell in love with it and re-designed it by giving it new life.
Every love story at the castle seems to make it life again, to realize the project that Donna
Bianca saw fade away.
In this evocative place that dominates Florence from hills of Fiesole, we were lucky enough to
follow David and Vanessa. There union seems to symbolize the refined beauty of Tuscany: its
historical and cultural richness and its silent and harmonious hills.
We arrive in Fiesole the day before the wedding; at the sunset we reach a viewpoint near the castle
for the first shots from above and with drone.
From here Florence is simply magnificent. We think enthusiastically about tomorrow’s day.
David is staying with his family in Fiesole at Fattoria di Maiano ). The warm breeze moves
the branches of the olive trees, in the silence you hear the rustle of leaves. The atmosphere is very
pleasant, relaxed, the times are comfortable to fully enjoy every moment of the preparations.
Vanessa, is getting ready in the center of Florence at Piazza Pitti Palace Hotel, wears the refined and precious dress with a long train. Her figure
seems in continuity with the timeless beauty of the paintings that surmount the walls of the room.
The climate heats up on the way to the Santi Apostoli Church . After the ceremony, Vanessa and David in vintage cars find a spot in the hills to privately exchange their promises. Then they reach their guests at the
Castle set up in art for the party by the great Simona Capitelli wedding planner and her staff.
The steps of Vanessa and David follow each other on the castle walls at sunset and stop perhaps just
where Donna Bianca appeared to see her future husband arrive. There his story ended but instead
begins that of the young couple of Malta who turns his gaze over the hills.

Videographer: Whitesfilm
1 camera operator: Claudio Sichel
2 camera operator: Monica Enne
Wedding Planer: www.wtuscanyevents.com
Location: Castello di Vincigliata
Photographer: Serena Cevenini

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