Cernobbio is a busy town today because the lake welcomes an important international event
these days.
The sky is a little overcast, the day seems uncertain. When we enter in Villa Pizzo
we meet Muriel the wedding planner, enthusiastic, committed, and Felicia Sisco , the photographer, already at work.
In the main villa, in the ground floor room, Nathalie is getting ready. We remain impressed by her elegance.
We take confidence with the spaces of the Villa. Crossing the hall and exiting into the garden, the look
stops on the calm water of the lake.
Villa Pizzo seems also to attract Vip “souls” from all over the globe, it was in fact also the location chosen by
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for the celebration of their wedding.
There is something little undefinable in certain places, a particular silence, a sense of privacy, of
This is the place that describe exactly the style of Nathalie and Ghassan. A private, elegant, discreet but discrete dwelling that evokes something familiar, like a place to return and then leave again.
This place has a timeless charm.
Perhaps for its long history, for the aristocratic presence of those who have habited it and those
who still live there, for the refined taste with which it has been designed over time.
From the gardens we arrive at one of the paths between old trees, we follow it to the road of cypresses that leads to the magnificent terrace on the dock. Here the ceremony will be held.
We hear only the sound of our steps and the smell of vegetation. In the meantime the light of the
sun lights the clouds, the shadows slowly thin out, the colors of the water and the surrounding green are discovered.
With a second photographer, Alessia, we film the getting ready of the groom in Como at
the Terminus Hotel .
Ghassan is in his room with his brothers. There is a large window that opens onto the lake-view
terrace. Ghassan, behind the lens, inspires us when he approaches the window
and looks thoughtful on the other side of the lake, projected in the encounter with Nathalie.
When we return to the Villa, the terrace on the dock is elegantly decorated with large vases of pastel
colored flowers , the long white lane on the steps, the musicians try the
songs, the atmosphere is created.
And shortly after Ghassan arrives with his brothers, he goes to meet the guests along the avenue of
cypresses from where Nathalie will arrive.
The guests take their seats and Ghassan descends the steps arm in
arm of his mother.
A few moments later, on the notes of  Coldpaly ; Nathalie joins him in the elegant dress, accompanied by her father.
Nathalie is moved to the exchange of promises; Ghassan addresses her with kindness and intensity.
Both have a kind look and refined ways. What emerges is the beauty and complexity of their
relationship, two people who have lived in different parts of the world, who interact and think in
different languages.
Here in Italy they wanted to pay tribute to our musical culture by choosing the participation of two
opera singers of “Scala di Milano”, who sing classical masterpieces of Italian opera at different times
of the evening.
The day is marked by speeches of friends and relatives, the party is very participatorywhile the sunset on the lake offers beautiful moments for portraits. The moment of the first dance arrives.
Nathalie and Ghassan dance on the song “Symphony” (Ed Sheeran- Andrea Bocelli_
) sung live by a friend of the couple and one of the two tenors. From beginning to end you feel the consistency and beauty of this event.

Videographer: Whitesfilm
1 camera operator: Claudio Sichel
2 camera operator: Monica Nisticò
Drone operator: Alberto Meggiolan
Wedding Planer: Muriel Saldalamacchia
Location: Villa Pizzo – Como lake
Photographer: Felicia Sisco


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