I am an italian, passionate videographer. About 6 years ago I started filming weddings under my brand Whitesfilm.  Today I share many aspects of this wonderful job with my lovely wife Monica among others talented editors and videographers: Diego and Matteo.

I was born in Padova and grown up among its beautiful ancient streets where  Giotto, Donatello, and many others great artists lived. Here I found the love of art. For over 10 years working as a videographer in the world of video production often alongside awared international photographers. I am a member of WEVA (World Event Videographers Association). I make music videos, documentaries and news services for companies, some of which are broadcast on the main national channels such as Rai, Mediastet, and Sky. I shot documentaries in the United States, Brazil, India and Europe. My wedding movies are published in various national and international industry blog.

Monica Whitesfilm wedding videographer


I grew up between Alps and the blu sea of the south Italy. I am attracted by art, by the different ways in which people can translate the complexity of themselves and the world. For me art is like a journey, a discovery, an exploration, an experience of life that is always new. I like the shape of the piano keyboard, the rhythm of the galloping horse, the sound of a windsurf board plana on the water, the waves that break when the sea is rough, the silence and the smell of the forest in the mountains, the smell of the air when it snows … and … the extra dark chocolate!!, of course. I love what is created in an unexpected way, like the meeting that then becomes a story to be rewritten every day and from which extraordinary “works” can be born.

Me and my wife love to share every aspect of our life so our passion for travels, arts, cinematography and movies  became some years ago a real job and found in the wedding cinematography the perfect match. We love the simple and authentic things. We love very much traveling, listen to music, sometimes compose and play it as well, and we love art in all its forms. We choose to stay behind the camera also because we like observing people, their histories, their personalities and tell them through our eyes.

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What bride and groom/TESTIMONIALS

Dear Claudio. People who know how to seize the little things and the most intimate feelings enclosed in the heart … they have a gift sent from heaven. This great gift is yours. You used a great feeling … mastery of a few. That day so dear and special, thanks to your story, full of emotion will live forever … We do not understand how you have been able to emphasize every moment that touches our heart, so deeply. A privilege to have met on our journey.
Thanks and thanks again.
 Lucia & Davide

Thank you because through what you realized you allow us to relive in this emotional intensity that characterized the best day of our lives.

Rita & Stefano

Hello, wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you made … the videos are amazing and super exciting! thank you for having immortalized our best day!

Manuela & Christian

For you I have no words ..! you are fabulous, you are professional but mostly you are an artists because you put your passion into your job. The creativity that flows in you complete everything making your job a masterpiece! I’ll have great memories of that day, for life … Thanks!

Elena & Hermann

Unfortunately, we could click “like” only one time… we wanted to do it again and again … we love the video you made… and of course made us excited! You are really professional , friendly, funny … in a word, a true ARTIST! Thank you very much!
Both videos are WONDERFUL !!! Really THANKS for the work you’ve done … we could not expect better. Also the packaging is very nice. We also enjoyed very much the fact that the trailer is not only an “extract” of the entire movie, but an amazing movie itself! Thanks a lot again!

Elena & Francesco

We were really lucky to meet Whitesfilm. The video is wonderful and we all envy him. It looks like a movie. I must say that is a true professional, very polite and on time (after our honeymoon the movies were ready) and especially has a strong personality and artistic sensibility. We were really satisfied and recommend it to everyone!


Meeting you was a great fortune for us … You really are a gerat professional, with sensitivity and discretion. You’ve been with us all day, but I have not realized you were with us. Our movie is really beautiful, I must say that at first we were not very convinced to do the video but now I can say that it’s to be the right choice, it is more beautiful than the photos! We watch it again and again, always with great emotion! Thank you so much.

Lisa & Stefano

Hello! We wanted to thank you so much for the videos you’ve made it a truly wonderful memory of that day!

Barbara & Raffaele

Thanks for your talent! The video is amazing!

Iris & Ryan

Professionals like you have something more: First of all yoy are a preson, with a sensitivity and a special eye, then you are passionate of your job, a different way of seeing things, then you are technicians, engineers of a language, I call magical, because it captures a moment that soon fades away, leaving only memories, you do it live again, and bring the memory over to the future, with an indelible mark, the result of who you are, the fruit of your professionalism, the fruit of thy heart; rare commodity nowadays. Luckily I was there to take back that day, thank you for your work, performed so well, thanks for giving us a wonderful memory of a unique day for us.

Fabrizio & Stefania


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